Arts and Society Series | Beacon to the World: A 历史 of 林肯中心

Juilliard’s president emeritus, chief China officer, and author Joseph W. Polisi joined President Damian Woetzel for a discussion of Polisi’s new book, Beacon to the World: A 历史 of 林肯中心, and Juilliard’s role at the heart of this complex institution. The evening featured performances by Juilliard students reflecting artistic milestones that have shaped the landscape of the performing arts and that celebrate the evolution of music, 跳舞, and drama at 林肯中心.

Art as Service: The Artist’s Responsibility to Self, to Process, and to the Community

音乐家, 作曲家, and Creative Associate Rhiannon Giddens gave the 10th annual MLK Speaker Series talk, on the theme of artists’ responsibility to themselves and the world. The talk was followed by a Q&A with Weston Sprott, dean and director of the Preparatory Division.


Created in partnership with National Sawdust, 社会节奏 is a student-driven initiative to thank essential workers in the pandemic with original artistic creations. The virtual platform has evolved to amplify student voices on issues like anti-racism and inequality.

A Presentation With Philip Glass and the Spiritual Voice of the Wixárika 音乐

Juilliard alum Philip Glass brought in Wixárika musicians Daniel Medina de la Rosa and Erasmo Medina Medina for an evening celebrating the culture and music of their indigenous community in Santa Catarina Cuexcomatitlán, 哈利斯科, 墨西哥.

博士到访. 克拉伦斯B. 琼斯

In celebration of Martin Luther King week, Juilliard hosted a multiday visit—which included conversations, 午宴, 一个讲座, 一次晚餐, and the awarding of a President’s Medal—with 克拉伦斯B. 琼斯, a Juilliard alumnus and a confidante of and draft speechwriter to King.

音乐与心灵: Improvisation and the Brain and Renée Fleming Residency

Soprano and alumna Renée Fleming returned to Juilliard for a residency including performances, 大师班, 还有一个免费的 音乐与心灵 event connecting the arts and health through improvisation.

没有个人, but…

Creative Associate Colman Domingo and director Patricia McGregor presented their live virtual iteration of James Baldwin’s 没有个人 with 创造性的伙伴 Jon Batiste and Lil Buck and featuring works by JuilliART artist Julie Mehretu. A conversation with the artists was moderated by faculty member Fredara M. 哈德利.